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Happy New Year 2011 from Leonid Kharitonov!

December 31 2010   9 Comments   Tags: history, internet, New Year

Russian Bass Singer Leonid Kharitonov

Leonid Kharitonov wishes all of his fans a Happy New Year and a lot of happiness in 2011! And, of course, that there be peace all over the world! He also thanks you for all of your love, for keeping him in your memory and for your´╗┐ beautiful comments! For him, you are all a great treasure! Thank you and God bless each one of you!

Please enjoy this 2004 performance of “Chrysanthemums Finished Blossoming Long Time Ago”. It is the singer’s most favorite song! 2010 was the 100th anniversary of this song, which was written by Nikolai Harito in 1910. You can read more about it here (in Russian.)

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