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Leonid Kharitonov has passed away

September 25 2017   12 Comments   Tags: biography, romance

My name is Mikhail Kharitonov and I’m the younger son of Leonid Mikhailovich. I have a very sad news for all the admirers of the famous Russian operatic singer. Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov has passed away on the 19th of September, 2017, after suffering his 5th heart attack. This happened the next day after his 84th birthday.

The Last Concert of the Alexandrov Red Army Choir (2016)

December 29 2016   3 Comments   Tags: Alexandrov Ensemble, concerts, folk songs, New Year

The last concert of the Twice Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army under A.V. Alexandrov at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, 2016.

In the memory of all who perished in a tragic airplane crash over the Black Sea on December 25, 2016.

Condolences on the loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble artists

December 26 2016   14 Comments   Tags: Alexandrov Ensemble, fans, history, internet

Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov tells his deepest condolences on the loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble artists, who died in the airplane crash on the 25th of December, 2016.

Victory Day Congratulations 2015

May 10 2015   8 Comments   Tags: patriotic, Victory Day, WW2

Victory Day 2015

After a long silence caused by some serious health problems we finally managed to record a new video with Leonid Kharitonov (with English subtitles).

He congratulates all the people of good will with the Victory Day in WW2. The video was recorded in Moscow on the 9th of May 2015.

Interview for the TV Show, “Secrets of the Kremlin Concerts”

Secrets of the Kremlin Concerts

Leonid Kharitonov gives an interview in a TV show entitled “Secrets of the Kremlin Concerts” (March 5, 2014.) He tells about his first solo performance in 1965, which he gave at a concert for Leonid Brezhnev and the Soviet leadership on the occasion of Lenin’s 95th anniversary. We’ve added English subtitles to the video.

Victory Day 2012

May 9 2012   2 Comments   Tags: Alexandrov Ensemble, Victory Day, WW2

May 9th is celebrated every year in Russia as Victory Day to commemorate the victory in 1945 over Nazi Germany in World War II. Leonid Kharitonov wholeheartedly thanks all veterans for their service and their sacrifices!

2012 New Year’s Greetings from Leonid Kharitonov

December 31 2011   3 Comments   Tags: concerts, New Year, Osipov Orchestra, Russian romance

Leonid Kharitonov

Dear fans and friends! Peace, health, prosperity and happiness to all of you in 2012! I thank you with all my soul for your love and support.

This 1987 performance of “Kiss Me, My Darling” is from the television show “Song, Romance, Waltz”. The singer is accompanied by the Osipov Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, under the leadership of conductor Nikolay Kalinin.

BBC Radio 3 Program about the Red Army Choir

December 4 2011   2 Comments   Tags: Alexandrov Ensemble, Radio Programs, The Cliff

Red Army Choir, BBC 3 Radio Program

It might seem a kitsch throwback to the days when music was an essential weapon in the Soviet armoury, but the Red Army Choir still sets the benchmark for military music-making some 80 odd years since it was founded. Now known as the Alexandrov Ensemble, the company of singers, players and dancers still tours the world as a cultural envoy of the Russian state. Aled Jones uncovers the history of the group, from its first glory years when it performed a vital role in promoting culture amongst the members of the Soviet military. He follows it through the Second World War when it gave an astounding 1500 concerts to motivate the troups, and then the post-war years when it had to re-invent itself as a vehicle for national pride across the world despite political resistance to its concerts in the West.

Victory Day 2011

May 8 2011   Leave a Comment   Tags: history, patriotic, Victory Day, WW2

Singer Leonid Kharitonov in military uniform.

May 9th is celebrated every year in Russia as Victory Day to commemorate the victory in 1945 over Nazi Germany in World War II. 2011 marks the 66th anniversary.

Leonid Kharitonov sang many patriotic songs during his long career, including the one presented here, “Son of Russia”. He wishes to express his extreme gratitude to all veterans for their sacrifices, and asks all of his fans to pray for peace.

Happy New Year 2011 from Leonid Kharitonov!

December 31 2010   9 Comments   Tags: history, internet, New Year

Russian Bass Singer Leonid Kharitonov

Leonid Kharitonov wishes all of his fans a Happy New Year and a lot of happiness in 2011! And, of course, that there be peace all over the world! He also thanks you for all of your love, for keeping him in your memory and for your beautiful comments! For him, you are all a great treasure! Thank you and God bless each one of you!

Please enjoy this 2004 performance of “Chrysanthemums Finished Blossoming Long Time Ago”. It is the singer’s most favorite song! 2010 was the 100th anniversary of this song, which was written by Nikolai Harito in 1910. You can read more about it here (in Russian.)

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