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New Year’s greeting from the fans

January 10 2010   6 Comments   Tags: concerts, fans, folk songs, greetings, internet, WW2

New Year’s greeting from the fans

Responding to Leonid Kharitonov’s 2010 New Year’s greetings on his web site, which includes a video of his 1969 New Year’s Eve performance of Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl, the fans from the Japanese musical group “Polyanochka” (The Glade, photo on the right) in turn greet Leonid Kharitonov with best wishes for the 2010 New Year and perform their version of the Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl song as a gift in his honor in this video, which they recently posted on their YouTube channel.

The Ballad About Russian Boys: Video Commentary

January 5 2010   5 Comments   Tags: actors, history, patriotic, spacemen, WW2

Leonid Kharitonov with Russian cosmonauts

This song, originally titled “For the Sake of Future Days” was written in 1963 by the famous Russian composer Anatoly Novikov; the lyrics were written by Lev Oshanin. This performance commemorates the sacrifices and victorious achievements of Russia’s young men from the Revolution through World War II and into the Soviet space era. The presented video clip of the song (below) was made in 1966 for the New Year’s TV show.

The song begins:

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