“The Titular Counselor”

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Leonid Kharitonov – “The Titular Counselor”

Old Russian Romance.
Music – A. Dargomyzhsky, Lyrics – P. Veinberg.
Performance at Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow on July 2, 1991, accompanied by the Osipov Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments under the leadership of conductor Nikolay Kalinin.

Attention: This video has English subtitles!

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Он был титулярный советник,
Она генеральская дочь.
Он робко в любви объяснился,
Она прогнала его прочь.

Ушел титулярный советник
И пьянствовал с горя всю ночь –
И в винном тумане носилась
Пред ним генеральская дочь

He was a just a simple clerk.
She was a general’s daughter.
He bashfully expressed his love
But she sent him away.

The clerk went away
And was drinking the whole night long
And in the wine mist floated
in front of him the general’s daughter.

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