“The Miller”

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Leonid Kharitonov – “The Miller”

Music – A. Dargomyzhsky, Lyrics – A. Pushkin.
The video performance is from the television movie “Leonid Kharitonov, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, Sings”,
1974, TeleFonda (TF) archive.

Attention: This video has English subtitles!


Возвратился ночью мельник
“Женка! Что за сапоги?”
“Ах ты пьяница, бездельник!
Где ты видишь сапоги?..
Иль мутит тебя лукавый? –
Это ведра!” – “Ведра?! Право
Вот уж сорок лет живу
Ни во сне ни наяву
Не видал до этих пор
Я на ведрах медных шпор…
На ведрах – медных шпор!”

The Miller returned home at night
“Wife! Whose boots are these?!”
“What a lazy drunkard you are!
Where do you see boots?!
Maybe the devil is playing a trick on you!
These are the buckets!” – “The buckets?!.. Well
Almost 40 years I’m living
But neither in my dreams nor in reality
Have I seen until now
Copper spurs on buckets
Copper spurs – on the buckets!”

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