The Song about the Dnieper River

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Leonid Kharitonov & the Alexandrov Ensemble – “The Song about the Dnieper River”

Music – М. Fradkin, Lyrics – Y. Dolmatovsky
Conductor – Agafonnikov.
Kremlin Palace of Congresses, Moscow, 1993

This concert was devoted to the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Kiev city (Ukraine) from the Nazis in 1943. This patriotic song is about the battle at the Dnieper river that took place at those times.

Interesting facts:
– Leonid Kharitonov performed this song just once in his career.
– The concert was organized by Otari Kvantrishvili – the famous Georgian “Godfather” as they say. He can be seen in the very first frames.

Attention: This video has English subtitles!


У прибрежных лоз, у высоких круч
И любили мы и росли.
Ой, Днипро, Днипро, ты широк, могуч,
Над тобой летят журавли.

Ты увидел бой, Днепр-отец река,
Мы в атаку шли под горой.
Кто погиб за Днепр, будет жить века,
Коль сражался он как герой.

Враг напал на нас, мы с Днепра ушли.
Смертный бой гремел, как гроза.
Ой, Днипро, Днипро, ты течёшь вдали,
И волна твоя как слеза.

Из твоих стремнин ворог воду пьёт,
Захлебнётся он той водой.
Славный день настал, мы идём вперёд
И увидимся вновь с тобой.

(Бьёт фашистский сброд Украина-мать
Партизанкою по Днепру,
Скоро выйдет вновь сыновей встречать,
Слёзы высохнут на ветру!)

Кровь фашистских псов пусть рекой течёт,
Враг советский край не возьмёт.
Как весенний Днепр, всех врагов сметёт
Наша армия, наш народ.

In the coastal vines, on the high steep slopes
We loved and grew.
Oh, Dnieper, Dnieper, you are broad, powerful,
The cranes are flying over you.

You saw the battle, Dnieper-Father River
We went on the attack under the mountain.
He who died for the Dnieper, will live forever
Since he fought like a hero.

The enemy attacked us, we left the Dnieper.
The deathly battle thundered like a storm.
Oh, Dnieper, Dnieper, you are flowing far away,
And your wave is like tears.

From your rapids the enemy drinks the water,
And he choked with that water.
The glorious day has come, we are going forward
We’ll see you Dnieper again.

(Mother Ukraine slaps the fascist rabble
Like a partisan on the Dnieper,
Will soon come out to meet their sons,
The tears will dry in the wind!)

Let the blood of the fascists dogs flow like a river,
The enemy will not take the Soviet land!
Like the spring Dnieper,
all enemies will be swept away
by our army and our people!

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