Outstanding people of Russia – Boris Alexandrov

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“Outstanding people of Russia – Boris Alexandrov”

This is a video clip from the documentary film “Outstanding People of Russia – Boris Alexandrov”, 1994.

Ex-soloists of the Red Army Choir visited their chief, teacher and conductor Boris Alexandrov at his apartment and performed their best songs for him. The soloists are: Leonid Kharitonov, Artur Eizen, Ivan Bukreev and Alexey Sergeev. They sang the following songs:

  • Alexey Sergeev – “From under the oak, from under the elm” (Из-под дуба, из-под вяза)
  • Ivan Bukreev – “Darkie Moldovan Girl” (Смуглянка Молдаванка)
  • Leonid Kharitonov – “Yo, Heave Ho!” (Эй, ухнем!)
  • Artur Eizen – “Evening raid” (Вечер на рейде)

Leonid Kharitonov was one of the organizers of this project. The whole film can be found here (in Russian).

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