The Last Concert of the Alexandrov Red Army Choir (2016)

December 29 2016   2 Commented

The last concert of the Twice Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army under A.V. Alexandrov at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, 2016.

In the memory of all who perished in a tragic airplane crash over the Black Sea on December 25, 2016.


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    i really miss these very beautiful voices as they will be forever missed.i loved all of them as they were my favorite singers.they died doing something for their own countrymenand this is highly commendable.their unselfishness will forever be remembered and they will forever be in our hearts.may they rest in peace but their tragedy was really very unfortunate they were loved world wide

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  2. Cynthia Campbell, Sacramento, CA, USA says:

    I greet you in your grief and sadness, a grief that I also share.

    Your spirit and that of your fallen friends touched my soul.

    In pain, no doubt you ask yourself, ‘Why?’ and then even more troubling, ‘Why do I survive?’

    At those times, when no answer comes to mind,

    I ask you to contemplate

    That you do not continue on alone.

    That you play, you sing and you dance in the embrace of your hallowed friends, and that they

    Join in to say…

    Worry no more. We are near. As the breeze whispers by your face, we are with you, as close as your next breath, and as far as the edge of the universe. Like a father impatiently waiting for his first child to be born, we watch over your pains and labors, and wait for your next song. When we reach out to you in a dance and pass by -- hardly touching -- or when we join you in a distant harmonic -- almost inaudible -- we say, worry not. Be at peace.

    Last night I closed my eyes and saw the earth. A great light shone out from the earth to the heavens above. The light was the shape of all of Russia and it brightened the world.

    Your friends created so much happiness in this world. They will be sorely lost. Please accept my condolences.

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