Leonid Kharitonov’s Victory Day Greetings and Song

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Leonid Kharitonov's Victory Day Greetings

On May 9th every year, Russians celebrate Victory Day (Den Pobedi / День Победы). This is a day to commemorate the Nazi surrender in 1945. Parades, music and fireworks highlight the celebration. This year is the 65th anniversary of this day.

In this video, Leonid Kharitonov greets and thanks the World War II veterans. His 1999 performance of The Veterans don’t Grow Old in their Souls, given to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Alexandrov Ensemble, follows.

This song was written specifically for Leonid Kharitonov by the composer Serafim Tulikov in 1967 and has become a “hymn” for veterans. As the first performer of this song, Leonid Kharitonov was invited to sing it on this commemorative occasion.

The second song presented is a military march – “Farewell of a Slavic Girl” performed by the choir (Red Army Choir) and orchestra of the Alexandrov Ensemble.

(IMPORTANT! English subtitles have been added! Be sure to turn Captions (CC) on in the YouTube player to view them! It’s the last button on the right side of the player’s tool bar.)


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  1. Avatar Matthew says:

    it’s very thoughtful of Mr. Kharitonov to express such heart-felt thanks; without the heroic sacrifices of brave Allied soldiers, the world would be a very different place. Many, many thanks to the heroes of the Second World War, and to Mr. Kharitonov, for ensuring our heroes are not forgotten through the most powerful medium I know; Russian music!

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    • Avatar admin says:

      Dear Matthew.

      Thank you for your sincere and insightful comments!

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