Victory Day Congratulations 2015

May 10 2015   8 Commented

Victory Day 2015

After a long silence caused by some serious health problems we finally managed to record a new video with Leonid Kharitonov (with English subtitles).

He congratulates all the people of good will with the Victory Day in WW2. The video was recorded in Moscow on the 9th of May 2015.



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8 Responses to “Victory Day Congratulations 2015”

  1. Gabriel Martinho says:

    My sincerest regards to Mr Kharitonov and his family…

    I’m a 17 year old student from Portugal, and I have to say that I absolutely adore your performance of “The Cliff”. I have listened to the voices of many other great opera men, but yours is something else, for me. Such power, on your voice, such patriotism in your body language. Truly, a perfect performance. Brezhnev was not the only one to weap!

    Over the years, I have grown more and more interested in Soviet/Russian culture and history, and I have learned how important music was for the Soviet Union and is for the Russian Federation. Your outsanding performances contribute to my interest, Mr Kharitonov. Thank you very much. I hope you are well.

    Best regards.

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  2. Raymond Warren says:

    Sir, so that you can see that you will long be remembered for your service to the arts and humanity, I have placed something that means all the world to me on my Blog site and hope that it’s simplicity will not belie your great talent.

    Эй, ухнем! Эй, ухнем!
    Oh tell me where is Leonid,
    Will he never sing again?
    His love of mother Volga
    Эй, ухнем! Эй, ухнем!

    Volga ’tis your wetness,
    That is lifeblood to the soil.
    May you continue to create love of humanity through your songs
    Through the heart of Russia,
    Where Volga boatmen toil.

    Oh mighty Mordvin Rav,
    Of old Scythia your name.
    From chilly Valdai hills,
    Your mighty waters came.

    Down unto the Caspian,
    To delta oh so wide,
    Where the pretty lotus flowers grow,
    Where Flamingo and Pelican hide.

    So come and sing Kharitonov,
    Come and sing for me.
    Of the Volga and her boatmen,
    Of her waters and the sea.

    Raymond J Warren
    Historian and Author

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    • Admin says:

      Thank you very much! This is so nice of you! We will show your comment to Leonid Kharitonov.

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  3. Mona Boström says:

    Thank you Sir! You give me strenght.

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  4. Robin (in Australia) says:

    I am very sorry that you have been ill -- but very glad that you have improved enough to make this video. I wish you good health and happiness.

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  5. Danny Rowe says:

    Sincere respects, best wishes and admiration from a (slightly) youger comrade from the British Navy

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