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Happy New Year 2011 from Leonid Kharitonov!

December 31 2010   9 Comments   Tags: history, internet, New Year

Russian Bass Singer Leonid Kharitonov

Leonid Kharitonov wishes all of his fans a Happy New Year and a lot of happiness in 2011! And, of course, that there be peace all over the world! He also thanks you for all of your love, for keeping him in your memory and for your beautiful comments! For him, you are all a great treasure! Thank you and God bless each one of you!

Please enjoy this 2004 performance of “Chrysanthemums Finished Blossoming Long Time Ago”. It is the singer’s most favorite song! 2010 was the 100th anniversary of this song, which was written by Nikolai Harito in 1910. You can read more about it here (in Russian.)

Leonid Kharitonov’s Victory Day Greetings and Song

Leonid Kharitonov's Victory Day Greetings

On May 9th every year, Russians celebrate Victory Day (Den Pobedi / День Победы). This is a day to commemorate the Nazi surrender in 1945. Parades, music and fireworks highlight the celebration. This year is the 65th anniversary of this day.

In this video, Leonid Kharitonov greets and thanks the World War II veterans. His 1999 performance of The Veterans don’t Grow Old in their Souls, given to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Alexandrov Ensemble, follows.

Leonid Kharitonov’s Greetings and Thanks to His Fans

April 30 2010   16 Comments   Tags: fans, greetings, internet, interviews

Leonid Kharitonov's Greetings and Thanks to His Fans

Leonid Kharitonov has been overwhelmingly pleased by the comments that he’s received on his web sites and “YouTube” channel, along with the e-mails that have been sent.

Fans from all over the world have expressed their thankfulness, admiration and best wishes. To convey his great appreciation, he has made this video as a small token of thanks to you all!

(IMPORTANT! English subtitles have been added! Be sure to turn Captions (CC) on in the YouTube player to view them! It’s the last button on the right side of the player’s tool bar.)

New Year’s greeting from the fans

January 10 2010   6 Comments   Tags: concerts, fans, folk songs, greetings, internet, WW2

New Year’s greeting from the fans

Responding to Leonid Kharitonov’s 2010 New Year’s greetings on his web site, which includes a video of his 1969 New Year’s Eve performance of Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl, the fans from the Japanese musical group “Polyanochka” (The Glade, photo on the right) in turn greet Leonid Kharitonov with best wishes for the 2010 New Year and perform their version of the Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl song as a gift in his honor in this video, which they recently posted on their YouTube channel.

Happy New Year from L. Kharitonov!

December 30 2009   3 Comments   Tags: Cossacks, folk songs, history, internet

New Year 2010Thanks so much to all of you for your very nice comments and your attention to our web site! Recently, Leonid Kharitonov asked us to wish a Happy New Year to all of his fans and friends and those who admire his creative work! He enjoys hearing from you very much, and we, the web site’s administrators, are interested to know your thoughts and suggestions for our web site as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy this special New Year’s performance of Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl. This song was written especially for Leonid Kharitonov in 1966. This specially made video uses a very rare 1971 audio version of the song.

Kharitonov on Wikipedia

November 15 2009   1 Comment   Tags: fans, internet


We are proud to announce that as a result of the recent joint efforts of an international team of enthusiasts, an article has been published on the international, English-language free encyclopedia “Wikipedia” with information about the life and creative work of singer Leonid Kharitonov.

A few days after the article was finished, on October 14, 2009, Wikipedia administrators found this story interesting enough to post it on the Wikipedia front page under in the “Did You Know …” section; (see screenshot.) In fact, of one of the moderators of this portal commented: “The article is very worthwhile, and you’ve all done some great work on it. His voice is really magnificent too!”.

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