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We are proud to announce that as a result of the recent joint efforts of an international team of enthusiasts, an article has been published on the international, English-language free encyclopedia “Wikipedia” with information about the life and creative work of singer Leonid Kharitonov.

A few days after the article was finished, on October 14, 2009, Wikipedia administrators found this story interesting enough to post it on the Wikipedia front page under in the “Did You Know …” section; (see screenshot.) In fact, of one of the moderators of this portal commented: “The article is very worthwhile, and you’ve all done some great work on it. His voice is really magnificent too!”.

We very much hope that this article will help promote not only the creative work of this artist, but Russian classical and folk music among educated audiences all over the world.

In this regard, Leonid Kharitonov expresses special thanks to the following sponsors of this article:


Linda O'Carroll

Linda O’Carroll
School Examiner
Country: England



Debbie Stuart

Debbie Stuart
Web Developer
Country: USA



Mikhail Frunze

Mikhail Frunze
Head of the ensemble “Polyanochka
Country: Japan



– for collecting information about the discography. And also expresses appreciation to the administrators of the portal “Wikipedia” for their cooperation.



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