Leonid Kharitonov’s interview for the BBC Radio 3

August 14 2016   5 Commented

Leonid Kharitonov's interview for the BBC Radio 3This video represents an interview of Leonid Kharitonov (the famous Russian opera singer) for the BBC Radio 3 channel. This conversation took place in December 2011 via international telephone connection.

Leonid Kharitonov told about his first experience of the Cliff song solo performance with the Alexandrov Red Army Choir at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in Moscow in 1965.

The radio program itself was dedicated to the choral works of the Alexandrov Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army. The programe also include Leonid Kharitonov’s memories and some interesting comments from the Ensemble’s fan from UK – Linda Spashett OCarroll.

IMPORTANT! This video contains English subtitles! Be sure to turn Captions (CC) on in your YouTube player to view the subtitles! It’s the last right button on the player’s tool bar.

Leonid Kharitonov also kindly helped to create a playlist of the Alexandrov choir songs for the BBC Radio 3 program.

You can listen to the BBC Radio 3 program by clicking at THIS LINK HERE.


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5 Responses to “Leonid Kharitonov’s interview for the BBC Radio 3”

  1. stevensgeorge says:

    A great singer and dear friend.I only wish we could get together again.

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    • Admin says:

      Dear, George! My father always remember you! He asked me to say Hi to you! We are very glad that you feel all right.

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  2. stevensgeorge says:

    a great singer and dear friend.

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  3. martin says:

    It is lovely to hear this great singer speak with his heart. I love his smile and his voice he ranks with the great Russian singers a man like Hovrostovsky from Siberia, brothers of the troops who saved Moscow from the Germans in the great patriotic war.
    His Song of the Flea is second only to fydor and his dark eyed cossack girl which looks simple when he sings it is much harder for the weaker singer. The FSU has many songs his is one I am so happy that he is his lovely way can take the west on what is a beautiful journey into that great secret russian music and culture
    Czar Leonid Czar

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