Russian Song, Romance, Waltz

Performance by the singer in the television show “Russian Song, Romance, Waltz”, accompanied by the Osipov Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, under the leadership of conductor Nikolay Kalinin, 1987.

Between High Corn  

“Between High Corn”

Russian Folk Song
Lyrics – N. Nekrasov

Here’s the Mail Coach-and-Three (Troika) Rushing  

“Here’s the Mail Coach-and-Three (Troika) Rushing “

Russian Folk Song

Small Farmstead  

“Small Farmstead”

Russian Folk Song
Lyrics – A. Koltsov

The Titular Counselor  

“The Titular Counselor”

Russian Old Romance
Music – A. Dargomyzhsky, Lyrics – P. Veinberg

Kiss Me, My Darling  

“Kiss Me, My Darling”

Russian Old Romance
Music – A. Dyubyuk, Lyrics – S. Pisarev

To You, My Friend  

“To You, My Friend”

Old Russian Romance

Coachman, Do Not Rush the Horses  

“Coachman, Do Not Rush the Horses!”

Russian Old Romance
Music – Y. Feldman, Lyrics – N. Ritter

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